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    1. How do i catch fish? You'll need the staff member Rabbit Ding to catch fish! After hiring him, tap Rabbit Ding at the fish pond to start experiencing the fishing feature.

    2. How do i unlock the for lease sign? Tap a stone at the fish pond, assign the repair team to chisel away the stone, and then it will turn into a for lease booth spot.

    3. Why did the fish disappear? Putting fish into a for lease spot plays a big role in the random solicitation of booth owners, so if you haven't successfully solicited, it will turn black and disappear after a period of time.

    4. How do i get fish bait? Upgrade rabbit ding! Rabbit ding will automatically dig up fish bait every day, the higher his level, the more he'll dig up. You can also tap the plus sign behind the fish bait on the fishing screen to purchase more bait with cod, or you can get some by watching ads.

    5. How use hack Animal restaurant cheat codes

    6. How do i unlock booth owners? To unlock a booth owner, you'll first need to find out what kind of fish they like. Then, bring the fish to the For lease sign to randomly invite the corresponding booth owner to set up their booth. Be sure to try it a bunch - you'll get a portion of their earnings if they set up their booth!
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