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    1. Why have my orders not increased although i have upgraded Chef Meow? Chew Meow's skill upgrades are the same as the other staff, the numerical value of the upgrade contributes to the difference. There will only be an increase in orders if the order value increases from +1 to +2.

    2. Why is there no rating after i completed the takeout? This is normal, there is no need to worry. Currently, you will have a chance of getting a good rating, bad rating, or no rating after completing an order.

    3. Why do i have so many bad ratings for my takeout? You can tap on recipe - takeout to upgrade your takeout items. The higher the level of your takeout items, the less bad ratings you will receive. If you receive a bad rating on your takeout order, you can fix it within 6 hours. The customer will retract their bad rating after you complete the fix.

    4. What do i do if the like dropped by Chef meow is blocked by the cabinet? You can press on hold the facility that is blocking the like and the facility will disappear temporarily. You can take this chance to quickly pick up your like.

    5. How use hack Animal restaurant cheat codes

    6. Why does the wishing well still produce the current season's flower after i changed the wallpaper to another season? After changing the wallpaper, the wishing well will only have a low chance of producing the other season's flower. The current season's flower will still be produced when wishing.
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