Animal restaurant terrace
  • Animal restaurant - terrace.

    1. How do i get movies? There's a chance of obtaining movie shards when you spend bottles on participating the wheel game at the meal side cabinet facility. Collect all shards of a movie to play it.

    2. What are movies used for? Collect movies to obtain special rewards for the particular movie. You can enjoy the movie with your customers at the terrace. More features are currently in development.

    3. What are the rewards for serving customers at the terrace? You can obtain large amounts of cod, bells, and bottles from serving customers at the terrace. Complete the minigames randomly suggested by the customers to earn additional bottles.

    4. How do i upgrade terrace promo? Enter courtyard scene > tap on the speaker facility > tap the green arrow to upgrade the terrace promo in the terrace promo section. Note: You will not be able to downgrade your Terrace Promo.

    5. How use hack Animal restaurant cheat codes

    6. How do i get cutlery? Use bottles to participate in the wheel game at the meal side cabinet facility. Hire the staff, Seedy. Seedy will drop cutlery at fixed intervals.
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