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    1. Why can't i watch any ads today? The available of ads is currently decided by a third-party platform, so they're out of our control. But you can still use the promote button to attract customers even when there are no ads.

    2. I haven't used promote x15 yet today, so why is the percussion ensemble already resting Ads are controlled by a third-party platform, so we can't ensure the number of times they can be watched or the time they will be available. The percussion ensemble resting may mean that the platform has no ads for you at the moment. Please wait a bit - they could show up any time.

    3. Why don't i have the flyer promo? The Flyer promo is the most basic promotion method. You may have upgraded to an advanced promotion method (like Radio promo, TV promo, or Cellphone promo). Advanced promotion methonds can attract higher level customers and bring the restaurant more income.

    4. Why was my cod reduced to zero after i watched an ad? If you are short a small amount of cod when buying facilities, the system will notify you that you can watch an ad to make up the difference, and the corresponding facility will be automatically purchased. The amount of cod will become zero because the system has already helped you make up for the missing cod and auto purchased the facility.

    5. How use hack Animal restaurant cheat codes

    6. Why didn't i get double cod/stars for watching an ad? The double cod/stars feature for watching ads will randomly appear. Don't miss out on a chance to get double.
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