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    1. Flamethrower - this squad is an excellent addition to your army, useful in any situation. They move slow but deal considerable damage. Especially effective vs units in cover. Engineers - if it's broken, they'll fix it! Tanks, trucks, towers, they'll get them functional fast. Best kept away from the front line until a tank throws a track. M3 Scout - light armored car, great for recon. Has a high calibre MG to fend off krauts and can provide medical aid to our boys.

    2. M2 light - cheep tank for infantry support. Can take on a recon or assault role. Most effective in fast assaults on light armor due to its ability to rapidly take and hold positions. M6 heavy - it seemed the M6 was already obsolete when it went into service but this hunk of iron achieved its purpose well. Capable of withstanding fire until the artillery boys flatten the enemy.

    3. Your base: you start the battle here. Losing your base means losing the battle. Resource points: you need supply to recruit units. Capture these points as fast as possible. Strategic points - capture the strategic point for the enemy to start losing victory points. Enemy base- destry enemy base for the immediate victory. Resource points- thee are likely to be captured by your enemy. Seize them and get economic superiority.

    4. The current loadbout - the units here are ones you can deploy in battle. Increase your infantry squad's combat effectiveness in the troops section. This window gives all important info on the squad. Study it sell. The main ones are damage and health. Only these can be increased. Squad upgrades are done in 2 stages: training for coins and leveling up cards.

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