Pirate power faq
  • Pirate power - coins, energy, experience.

    1. Every time you destroy a sail or a nose, this creates a breach on the hull. SHooting while the breach is opened will cause additional damage. Make sure to aim at the hull! Something enemy has a special power, he can throw bananas. Beware the Monki's bananas. They can hurt. We need to get you a real boat. This raft ain solid enough to travel the world. First, we'll need a place to start building boats. There's this old pile of wood that we need to repair. We start by hitting wood with hammers until we get something that looks like a shipyard. Hard work make dreams happen.Kid, there ain't any other way.

    2. If you need more wood to build the hull, please do some more battles and come back. You can sell fruits to get gold. Grow some plants and flourish your village. Fruits can be picked up 10 times. An orchide plants producing some colorful fruits. A mango tree producing some delicious mangos.

    3. Coins - how to earn? In combat; buying and upgrading businesses in the cities; fighting the event Skeletus; Completing crusades and opening silver chests; fighting in the arenas. Experience points: your heroes are capped by your player level, to level up your heroes higher reach a new player level. Earn experience points in combat and by completing the daily quests.

    4. Battle energy - number of battles you can have. Battle energy replenishes over time. Arena tickets - tickets are used in arenas. Arena tickets replenish over time.

    5. How use hack Pirate power cheat codes
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