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  • Angel saga skill: types, soul stone, reset, points

    1. Types of skill: main skill - the attacking effect of the weapon your character has equipped. Sub skill - you earn one every time your power increases. These usually make your character's main skill stronger or improve your character's stats. Special skills - magic skills. You earn 1 experience point every time you defeat a monster, which can be used to acquire special skills. Each new skill cost 1 more experience point than the previous skill. Extra skill - fixed, active skills. Howl: deals damage to enemies and destroys nearby projectiles. Dash: increases MOV SPD for a short time.

    2. Special skill level up: after selecting a special skill, you can level up the special skill with soul stones and gold. When leveling up, the damage of special skills increases, and you can acquire special skills leveled up in dungeons. Soul stones and gold consumed gradually increase with each level up. You can select attributes at level 4, leve 7, and can customize them how you want with the attributes.

    3. Soul stone: can be obtained by defeating an alite boss and the final boss. There is a small chance of obtaining a little bit when defeating elite monsters.

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    5. Reset: after selecting the leveled up special skill, you can proceed with resetting. Consumes 100 crystals, and returns all soul stones and gold used to level up special skills.

    6. Sub-skill level up: you can level up your sub-skills with skill points and gold. When levelling up, the efficiency of sub-skills increases, and you can acquire sub-skills leveled up in dungeons. When leveling up sub-skills, 3 random sub-skills are proposed., excluding those that have reached the highest level. Select one of them to proceed. Each level up consumes 1 skill point, and the gold gradually increases after each round.

    7. Skill point: each time the player level rises, you gain 1 skill point. The player level can be found in the upper left corner of the lobby.
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