Angel saga boss attributes
  • Angel saga boss attributes: types

    1. higher difficulty bosses have additional special abilities. Boss' attibutes are displayed on their HP gauge along with their names.

    2. Types of bass attributes: elite - increased HP and ATK. Burining: inflicts burn at close range. Frozen: inflicts freeze at close range. Vicious: inflicts stun at close range. Keen - inflicts bleed at close range. Fallen - inflicts poison at close range. Fatal - inflicts debuff that increases player's special skill cooldown times. Strong: increased ATK. Quick: increased MOV SPD. Hard: increased DEF.

    3. Gregarious: doubled number of summend minion monsters. Vampire - Boss recovers HP when the character is hit by a boss. Angry - as HP decreases, ATK increases. Quiet - as HP decreases, DEF increases. Impatient: as HP decreases, MOV SPD increases.

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