Angel saga infinite dungeon & Demon tower wiki: rewards, boss
Angel saga infinite dungeon & Demon tower
  • Angel saga infinite dungeon & Demon tower.

    1. What is infinite dungeon? it's a content that competes with who clear more of the endless dungeons. Different monsters and bosses appear randomly. Maximum power-up limit is up to 11, and you can obtain a maximum of five special skills. You can obtain sub skills through the summoner even after the power level reaches 11.

    2. You will skip the first few floors according to the ATk of your character. This is a difficult mode that the enhancement of equipment is applied as it is, but the health recovery is very low. Consumes stamina instead of wings, and stamina automatically recharges every 24 hours.

    3. Reward: you can get rewards according to your ranking, and the bonus rewards change every day of the week. MON: provides helm magic stone. TUE: armor magic stone. WED: weapon magic stone, THU: wing magic stone, FRI: provides accessories magic stone, SAT - soul stone, SUN - gold.

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    5. What is the Demon tower? This is a content that sequentially clears the stages starting from the 1st floor and continuing to the 252th floor. Fixed monsters and bosses appear on each floor. At the start, you can select 3 subskills and 3 special skills. Properties are applied from the 64th floor, and boss traits are added to the boss from the 127th floor. You must clear the floor within 180 seconds.

    6. Challenge and rewards: you can challenge 5 times every day. You'll need 10 wings for an additional challenge. You cannot obtain rewards such as gold or EXP while the game is in progress. Only when cleared, the first clear reward is given.

    7. Sweep: you can use the sweep function on the cleared floor. Consumes stamina instead of wings, and stamina automatically recharges every 24 hours. When you touch the sweep button, 10 wings and the number of sweeps will be deducted and a sweep reward will be given.
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