The seven deadly Sins events
  • The seven deadly Sins events, friend list, stamp box.

    Regarding friend list: you can check the list of registered friends and send new friend requests or check received new friend requests. Ypu can also send and recieved friendship coins with friends. You can purchase a variety of items with friendship coins in coin shop.

    Regarding stamp box: you can check a variety of stamps that you can use in the game and place them. You can use the stamps you acquired from even achievement in the death match and Vaizel flight festival.

    Regarding replay story: you can review the story you have done at any time through the replay story. Don't get disappointed although you have a story that you accidentally skipped because you can see whenever through this.

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    What is item storage? You can check ingredient, cooking, 1-use, and other items. Please be careful that you cannot acquire items when the storage is full. You can sell multiple items at once by tapping the sell multiple button.

    Regarding the battle contents: you can check a variety of the battle contents that game provides. You can enter the battle contents through the battle icon or moving into the field.

    What is Event? You can check a variety of events in progress and enjoy them. You can acquire a variety of rewards through the events so please participate. Notice - you can check the event in progress. Stage - you can check stage progress events and move to the stages. Mission - you can check the events that achieve a fixed goal and move to the relevant content. Event - you can exchange materials from the event into the rewards.
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