Pixel starships stats
  • Pixel starships stats, weapons, unique stats.

    Primary stats:
    min lvl - minimum ship level required to use this room.
    defense - reduces the amount of damage taken.
    unit price - cost to refill a single unit of used charges/ ammo
    capacity - maximum storage amount
    reload rate - speed of reloading after each room activation in battle.
    cooldown - delay time after each room activation before restarting the reload process. Cannot be affected by abilities.
    Man. Capacity - the maximum construction queue or resource production storage.
    Man. Rate - production speed of room
    Man. type - the type of resource produced by room
    Power output - amount of power provided by room in battle.
    Max power - maximum amount of power allocatable to room in battle.
    Support stat - indicates the specific crew stat the provides a bonus to the room when crew is present during battle

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    Weapon slots:
    system DMG - amount of damage dealt to the targeted room per hit.
    AP dmg - amount of direct system damage dealt that ignores the target room's defense.
    Crew dmg - amount of damage dealt to crew in the targeted room per hit.
    Hull dmg - amount of damage dealt to the ship's HP when hit.
    Hull % dmg - hull damage deal that is a percentage of total max HP of the target ship.
    Shield Dmg - amount of damage dealt to the ship's shields per hit.
    Volley - number of shots fired in a single attack.
    V. Delay - delay between each shot in a single attack.
    EMP - duration of EMP inflicted on the targeted room, rendering it inactive.
    Incendiary - duration of fire damage inflicted over time on the targeted room. Incendiary damage dealt changes in proportion to remaining duration.

    Pixel starships unique stats

    armor - amount of defense bonus the room provides to adjacent rooms
    shield - amount of shield hp provided by the room that blocks non missile attackes before the ship is hit.
    restore - amount of shield HP restored when activated.
    salvage - bonus modifier applied to battle loot of the room's manufacture type.
    evasion - determines the ship's ability to dodge evade projectile attacks. Instant attacks cannot be evaded.
    Escape - affects the chance of ascoping for all ships in a battle.
    Range - maximum range to attack enemy targets.
    Max donations - maximum amount of crews that can be donated to the fleet at any time.
    Garrison - amount of crew that can be borrowed from the fleet.
    Cloak - duration of cloak applied to the ship when activated. While active, cloak prevents enemy attacks but also disables targeting for all rooms on the ship.
    Detection - amount of cloak duration reduced on enemy ship when activated.
    Max AI - increases maximum amount of AI commands on each room/crew
    Healing - amount of HP restored for crews inside the room
    Training Lvl - determines the maximum training tiers unlocked for the training room.
    Harvest - amount of gas harvested from crews killed on your ship.
    DNA capacity - maximum amount of DNA that can be stored for the room. Also affects the amount of storage for resources acquired from harvesting in battle.
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