War alliance hero mastery
  • War alliance hero mastery.

    Level up your heroes, and gain glory and rewards! By simply using your hero, you will gain experience points (XP) that will go towards leveling up your players on each of their respective mastery tracks. During that process, players will be unlocking rewards at each level, gaining gems, chests, permanent stat boost, and more! To view the mastery track of your chosen hero, tap on the green mastery level icon on top-right of the lobby screen.

    Experience points (XP) & XP boosters:
    To progress up each of your hero's mastery tracks, you will need to gain experience points (XP) by using them in matches. Each match will net you a flat amount and extra for each stat you get:
    base amount: 6XP
    each star: 10XP
    For example, if you got 2 stars in your last match, you will get 26 XP in total (6+ (10x2)). Please note, you can skip levels on the tracks by paying gems.

    To amplify the amount of XP earned, players can use additional units of XP boosters to multiply an equal amount of XP by 3. For example, if you gained 36 XP in your last match, and you have at least 36 XP boosters in your boosters pool, that base 36 XP will combine with 36 XP boosters to ultimately give you 108 XP, tripling what you were supposed to get.

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    Hero mastery rewards: when it comes to hero mastery, players can currently unlock the following rewards on each of their mastery tracks: gold, gems, hero coins, chests, permanent stat boosts. With the latter reward, the permanent stat boosts will enahcne the HP or damage of that respective hero. Please note, each stat boost reward stacks, further increasing the total bonus when a new one is unlocked.
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