War alliance events overview
  • War alliance events overview.

    Events offer variations on the standard PvP experience found in war alliance, offering new challenges in term of gameplay and progression.
    Timing: events will generally run for 5 days and there will be a new one every other week, alternating with the end of each league season.
    to participate in an event match, players will need to use an event ticket. There are a free amount each day of the event, with a new one replenished after a particular cooldown. Players also have the option of obtaining new tickets using gems or by watching an ad.
    Each events will offer a bevy of rewards for a player to obtain. In general, players will progress up a rewards trach by obtaining event medals. Event medals will generally be awarded for accomplishing a certain rask, like obtaining stars in a match.
    You can use hack War alliance cheat codes and each level of the event rewards track will take a particular number of medals to rach, and upon reaching a new level, a new reward will be unlocked.
    Similar to the battle pass, the rewards track has two sides: free and premium. To obtain access to the premium rewards, players will have to obtain an event pass, using gems.
    Event chest:
    At the end of the rewards track lies the event chest. Its contents are only available to players who have obtained an event pass. Please note, the event chest can be opened multiple times.
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