War alliance player profiles
  • War alliance player profiles, missions, battke deck.

    Each player has their own player profile, which displays a variety of statistics and personal touches, including their player icon, flag, clan, and current battle deck.
    Player icon - a thematic icon that will be displayed next to your username on the leaderboard, friends list, and clan.
    Clan - the clan you're currently in is displayed along with its location, rank, cumulative medal count, and the amount of members.
    Lifetime stats: a variety of statistics that represent your time playing the game. Favorite hero - the hero you've used the most. Favorite card - the card you've used the most. Wins: how many wins you've had to date. Longest streak - the longest win streak you've had. Hero stars - how many times you've gotten a 3-star victory. Highest rank - the highest rank you've achieved overall.
    You can use hack War alliance cheat codesbattle deck: the deck you currently have selected. Please note, other players who view your profile will be able to easily copy your deck by clicking the 'copy deck' button shown on the top right of this section.
    League - how many medals you have in the current season and the amount you had in your best season (i.e. highest medal count to date).

    War alliance editing username, location, player icon

    To change your username, location, and / or player icon, you can click the 'edit' button from your player profile. From there, you'll have the option to change these options. Please note, the ability to change your username is currently in development and will be added in a future update!

    In addition, some player icons may be locked and will need to be obtained before being able to select them.

    with missions, players will be able to complete quests to progress in each month;s battle pass and score loot. The objectives are split into three categories: standart, weekly, hero. Each mission will reward you with battle coins that are needed to reach new levels in the battle pass. THe more difficult a mission, the more coins you should get.

    After completing a mission, there will a cool down period before a new one will be available. Players also have the options of rerolling a mission the don't want. You can access all of your missions by pressing the missions button from the battle pass screen.
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