War alliance rewards
  • War alliance rewards: Match-end, bonus, seasonal leagues.

    Match-end rewards: after a match is completed, you will lose or gain an amount of medals based on the medal count of your opponent. The amount for either scales based on the difference in medal count. In general: if they had more medals, your reward will be higher for winning or you will suffer a lesset penalty for losing. If they has less medals, your reward will be lower for winning or you will suffer a greater penalty for losing.
    Bonus rewards: there are additional means of scoring extra medals if you accomplish a certain feat during the match. These are the bonus rewards currently available. 3-star: if you defeat the opposing hero, you will get an additional 5 medals.
    You can use hack War alliance cheat codesfor matchmaking: when you initiate a match by clicking the battle button, the system tries to find an optimal opponent for you. SOme things to note:
    matchmaking is based on a variety of factors including difference in medal count, difference in level, and win/loss streak. In certain ranks, if a real-life opponent isn't found after a certain amount of time a bot opponent will be automatically selected. In the higher ranks, after a certain amount of time, players will have the option of playing a bot match. Bots are designed to provide a rewarding, yet challenging experience, and may be a few levels higher than you.

    War alliance what are seasonal leagues?

    Seasonal leagues are accessed upon progression through the ranks, all the way past diamond. Once accomplished, players will be automatically entered into the entry level division of the first seasonal league and will then progress through the divisions for the duration of each season, receiving a divisional loot box once the current season ends.

    At the end of the seasons, players will receive a loot bos based on the highest division they reached during that season. While each division offers better rewards, every divisional loot box will give the recipient: gold, gems, 1-2 unique cards of each rarity level (i.e. common, rare, epic, and legendary). In additional, players will have their medal count reset based on how many medals they finish with.

    Last, the person with the highest medal count will be recognized as the seasonal champion and he included in the hall of fame, after which, a new season will start.
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