War alliance Hero classes
  • War alliance Hero classes.

    each hero has a class that dictates its strengths and weaknesses and, by extension, its optimal strategy. Combining your hero with a battle deck that complements it is one of the keys to victory.
    tank - these heroes are tough, with a lot of hit points, but don't have the strongest attack. They're great at soaking up damage on a push, protecting units to pump out some damage.
    assault - these heroes produce a lot of damage, but are very weak, with low hit points. Their good mobility helps but it's best to use these heroes with other supporting units that can help keep them in the battle.
    Defensive - while they lack great speed and maneuverability, these heroes have effective attacks, which help protect from oncoming pushes.
    Support - whether they're providing skill enhancing buffs to nearby allies, attacking enemies with debilitating status effects, or both, these heroes are at their best when they;re assisting their units.
    You can use hack War alliance cheat codesfor using your battle deck: when and how you deploy your units is just as, if not more, important than which units you bring into battle. Each of your units has a power cost, which ranges from 1-8, that costs against your power pool each time you bring them into battle.

    While your power bar will continually refill over time, managing when you bring a unit into battle and ensuring you have the power to do so, is many times the key to victory.

    2x mode: once there are only 60 seconds left in a round, x2 mode will kick off and both players will regenerate their power twice as fast, meaning you can get more units on the map in a shorter amount of time.

    War alliance area what are ranks?

    Through victory over your opponents, you will accumulate not only glory, but precious medals. By gaining medals you will gradually climb the ranks, being matched up against tougher and tougher opponents and gain access new cards and heroes.
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