War alliance battle decks & units
  • War alliance battle decks & units.

    Constructing your battle deck:
    the makeup of your battle deck is one of the most important factors to consider when heading into a battle. To view and modify your battle deck and cards, navigate to the battle deck screen.

    From there, you can view your cards, upgrade them, and construct up to 3 different battle decks, each consisting of 8 cards each. keep note of the individual power costs of your cards, denoted by a number on the corner of each card, and the overall average power cost of your deck.

    Obtaining new cards and upgrading existing cards:
    by opening loot boxes, you will unlock not only gold and gems, but also new cards for your battle deck. If it's a new card it will be added to your inventory and will be accessible for your battle decks. If you already own the card, the new ones you obtain will be accumulated and utilized for upgrading that unit. Please note, the gold cost and cards required to upgrade a unit to the next level will gradually increase with each subsequent level. Also, the rarer a card, the more expensive upgrading it is.
    You can use hack War alliance cheat codesfor rarity level of cards: there are 4 rarity levels, with the common cards more likely to be found in a loot box than a rare card, which is more likely to be found than an epic and so on. The level 5 levels in order of rarity (less rare to more) are: common, rare, epic, legendary.

    In addition, new hero units can be unlocked by purchasing them with gold, once access has been gained based on your rank. The maximum level of a card differes based on its rarity. The maximum levels of each rarity are as follows: common - level 20, rare - level 18, epic - level 15, legendary - level 9

    War alliance unit attributes

    Here's a breakdown of the attributes of your cards:
    Level: Each time you upgrade a card it will increase in level, a gauge of the overall power of that card
    Hit Points: How much it takes to defeat this unit
    Damage: The amount of hit points depleted from an attack by this unit
    Area Damage: The same as above but attacks from these units cause damage to an area, not just a singular unit
    Radius: The size of the area that will be hit by this attack
    Damage per Second: A good indicator of how much damage this unit can do over time
    Attack Speed: The speed at which a unit fires
    Attack Range: How far away a unit can target an enemy unit and fire
    Targets: The type of units it can attack (e.g. Ground units, Air units, or Ground & Air units)
    Move Speed: The speed at which a unit advances against the enemy (from "Very slow" to "Super Fast"
    Troop Amount: How many of those particular units spawn when you bring them to the battle
    Troop Spawn Time: How often a particular unit will spawn from a structure
    Lifetime: The maximum amount of time a structure will remain on the battlefield
    In addition, many structures will list a unit that will spawn continually or once the structure is destroyed.
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