War alliance battle pass & heroes
  • War alliance battle pass & heroes.

    Unlocking new heroes - players start with one hero and can also purchase new heroes, once access is unlocked, based on rank, with gold.

    Battle Pass - Introduction
    The Battle Pass is a progressive rewards system that provides both Basic (Free) rewards to all players and Premium (Paid) rewards to Premium players. Players will progress through the Battle Pass levels by completing Missions and can claim a level's respective reward once they've reached that level.

    Premium rewards includes:

    Player Icons
    Legendary Chest
    Giant Battle Chest
    Chest Queue
    Each Battle Pass lasts an entire month and when one ends a new one immediately begins, complete with new rewards. Players will then start at the beginning and start progressing once again. Players will have the entire new month to collect the rewards from the previous month before they're gone.

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    While the Giant Battle Chest is a Premium-only feature, all players can make progress on the Giant Battle Chest once they've reached the end of a given month's Battle Pass, obtaining the final reward. This chest acts as a bonus of sorts, providing additional rewards for continuing to complete Missions. The more you "build up" the Giant Battle Chest, the higher the rewards will be.

    Premium players will be able to gain the rewards from the Giant Battle Chest once the month, and the respective Battle Pass, has ended.

    War alliance Battle Pass - Chest Queue

    The Chest Queue is a Premium feature of the Battle Pass and allows those players to queue up the chests they've gained to be opened up automatically. Chests can be added and removed at will.
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