War alliance Clans - Inactive General(s)
  • War alliance Clans - Inactive General(s)

    When a clan's General(s) have been inactive for 30 consecutive days, a new General will be automatically appointed. The player selected by the system is determined by three factors:
    It first looks for the highest ranking membersFrom those, it then looks for the player that has been in the clan the longest and is currently active (active in the past 14 days or less)The player must have been in the clan for at least 7 daysIf there is no player that fits that criteria from the highest rank, it will move to the next rank, again looking for the player that has been in the clan the longest and is currently active. This will continue until a new General is found

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    Band together, rule the battlefield, and share in the spoils and glory of War Alliance! With Clans, you can create or join a Clan full of other players from around the world and enjoy a host of features, including:
    Clan AdministrationClan ChatSupply Drops - Clan ChestsFriendly DuelsLeaderboardsCard Trading (coming soon).

    War alliance Clans - Search

    Searching for a Clan can be done in one of two ways: by name or through filters. To start the search process, click on the “Join Clan” button ClanJoinButton.png in the Community section.
    From there, you’ll see a default list of Clans that are pre-selected based on your designated location and medal count. To search further, select to search “By name” or “By filters” by tapping the respective tab at the top.
    By NameTo search for a Clan by name, please enter it into the respective field. At this time, it’s important to note that Clan names must be entered EXACTLY otherwise it won’t be found.
    By FiltersFinding a Clan is made easy through the use of various filters, including:
    Location: The Clan’s designated location Medals Required: The amount of medals required for Clan members to have before being allowed entrance to the clan.
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