War alliance Clans - Creation
  • War alliance Clans - Creation

    Ready to create your own Clan? Doing so is very simple, but does involve a bit of consideration and Gold. Here’s a brief rundown on how to create your clan:

    To get started, tap the Community button in the bottom navigation menu.
    From there, tap the “Create Clan” button.
    After that, you’ll be presented with a variety of settings you’ll need to set, including:
    Required Medals
    Once you’ve entered and decided upon your various Clan settings, click the “Create” button at the bottom. Please note, this process costs 5,000 Gold.
    The name of your Clan will be shown publicly. Please keep in mind that Clan names aren’t unique and have a maximum character limit of 16. In addition, any names that are found to be in violation of our Terms of Service will be cause for the Clan to be deleted.

    You can use hack War alliance cheat codesfor Clans - Badge
    Your clan’s badge will be displayed in a variety of places, including the Clan Leaderboard and on each of your clanmates’ player profiles. Each badge has three components (e.g. frame, background, and icon) and the color tint of each of those components can be customized. Please note, some customization options must be unlocked before being able to use them and are usually unlocked as your clan increases its level (please note, this functionality will be added in a later update).

    This is a space to describe those fundamental aspects of your Clan. Please note, this is the primary way to attract players to your clan and is an ideal space to include aspects that may be relevant to them. In addition, the character limit is 256.

    Your designated location will help other players get an idea of a number of things regarding your clan. This may include your language(s) of choice and time zone. Keep in mind, this is also used as a filter in Clan Search.

    There are currently two different types of clans available - “Public” and “Application Only”. Public clans are visible and open to any players that meet your required medals threshold. Clans that are set to Application Only require a General or Lieutenant to approve a player’s application before they’re allowed into the Clan.

    Required Medals
    This option allows you to set the minimum amount of medals a player must have before being allowed to enter your clan.

    War alliance Clans - Modifying Clan Details

    At any point after creating your clan, it’s various settings can be changed by those members with the permission to do so (i.e. General & Lieutenants). To modify your settings:

    Navigate to your Clan profile. This can be done by clicking on your Clan’s name from your Clan chat.
    From there, tap on your Clan name, located next to your badge.
    This will open up your Clan Settings where you can edit all relevant information.
    Please note, there's a cooldown period initiated after a clan is first created and/or later modified.
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