War alliance Clans - Promoting Members, Supply Drops (Clan Chests)
War alliance Clans - Promoting Members
  • War alliance Clans - Promoting Members

    Clans - Promoting Members
    Clan management does not fall on the shoulders of the General alone. Clan members can be promoted to a higher rank, which provides them with administrative privileges. Currently, we only have three ranks, but plan to add additional ones in the future:

    General: This is the founder of the Clan and has all administrative rights and permissions, including:
    Modifying clan settings
    Approving applications
    Kicking members
    Changing membership levels
    Edit messages
    Banning players
    Lieutenant: These members share the same administrative rights and permissions as a General, but cannot ban players from the Clan and can only edit the messages of players that are either Sergeant or Private
    Sergeant: These members can only approve applications and edit the message of players that are Privates
    Private: These members have no administrative rights and/or permissions
    To promote or demote a player, simply tap their name from the Clan member list and tap “Promote” or “Demote” from the menu.
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    One of the standout features of Clans is the ability to connect with your clanmates using the built-in chat functionality. To get started, simply tap the chat button ClanChatButton.png from your Clan tab.

    Currently, our chat supports:

    Posts up to 256 characters
    Certain Clan notifications
    Please note that we plan on building out the chat feature to provide even more robust functionality in the future.

    War alliance Clans - Supply Drops (Clan Chests)

    Supply Drops are a great way for Clans to get rewarded for participating in Clan activities. Once a Supply Drop is activated, all Clan members can contribute Hero-Stars (e.g. 3-star victories) to increase the level of the Supply Drop, up to its max level (this is based on the level of the Clan).

    Supply Drops last for a total of 6 days, which includes up to 3 days for leveling up the Clan Chest to its maximum amount and then a cooldown period. At the conclusion of the first phase of the Supply Drop, all valid participants will obtain a Clan Chest, which contains a selection of Cards, Gems, and Gold. Afterwards, the Supply Drop will be in a cooldown period before the next one starts. Again, this process lasts a total of six days regardless of how long it takes for the Clan to reach the maximum Clan Chest level.

    To qualify for the Clan Chest, a member must:

    Be a member of the Clan before the Supply Drop starts
    Must be a member for the duration of the Supply Drop
    Must contribute at least one Hero-Star
    If you’re currently ineligible for the Clan Chest, you’ll see an exclamation point icon next to the Supply Drop tracker.
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