War alliance Clans - cash cows, heroic chests
  • War alliance Clans - cash cows, heroic chests

    What are Cash Cows and how do they work?Once unlocked, Cash Cows are permanent sources of Gold income, which generate Gold every minute, up to a set capacity amount. Players can collect the Gold that has been generated at any time and unlock up to 4 additional Cows (other than the one available for Free) to further increase their Gold production and capacity using Gems.
    Each additional Cow adds 27,000 more Gold production each 30 days and increases capacity by 300. Cows must be purchased in order, but it's important to note that they all provide the same production and capacity increase.

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    What are Heroic Chests?Heroic Chests are the best and fastest source of Hero Coins (also providing Common, Rare, and Epic Cards) and can be purchased in bundles using Gems. Once a bundle is purchased, a player will have one chest ready to be opened each day they log in, up to the amount they bought, and it doesn't matter if they log in on consecutive days or not. The amount you purchase, is the amount you get, but it's a max of one per day.

    War alliance What is the Piggy Bank and how does it work?

    The Piggy Bank is a recurring source of a discounted bundle of Gems and Hero Coins, which can be purchased, via an in-app purchase, at any time. The Piggy Bank gradually fills up as players open up or skip loot chests in their chest slots, but the cost stays fixed, meaning the value of the Piggy Bank continually grows up to its maximum amount once the bank is full.
    The Piggy Bank has a maximum capacity of 1700 Gems and 10 Hero Coins and once purchased, the contents will be reset to the starting amount.
    In general, the more rare the chest, the more Gems it adds to the Piggy Bank:
    Common: 50 GemsRare: 150 GemsEpic/Giant: 300 GemsLegendary: 600 Gems A new Hero Coin is added with every 170 Gems added above the reset point of 850 Gems.
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