War alliance Obtaining Link
  • War alliance Obtaining Link to Player Profile/ID

    When speaking with support representatives or if you're participating in a community giveaway/tournament, you may be asked to share the link to your player profile or your specific player ID. To find this link/ID, please follow these steps:
    Navigate to your Player Profile by tapping on your player name in the top-left corner of the lobbyYou should see your Player ID listed under your name in the following format:xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxTo get your player profile link, tap the blue arrow button located above and to the left of your player nameFrom there, the link will be generated and you can either copy or share. Please note, your unique ID is within the profile url.It's also important to note that you can capture the link/ID of your opponent in a similar fashion by tapping on their name in your Battle Log.

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    Marked as "Violation"
    Players that act in a manner that is in direct violation with the conduct established in our Terms and Conditions will be as labeled with a "Violation". As a consequence, the following restrictions will be placed on them:
    Their name will no longer be visible to other playersAll Clan messages will no longer be visible to other playersThey can no longer join or create a ClanAffected players will see this designation on their Options page. To discuss the steps to remove these restrictions, please contact Support.

    War alliance Issues with Ad Rewards

    If you're experiencing issues with ad rewards, it could be that you've reached the maximum amount of redemptions for the day and the game is still allowing you to click on the button despite that. This is a bug that we're investigating with the ad network and will try to rectify it as soon as we're able to.
    AD REWARD REDEMPTION CRITERIA:- Players can redeem up to 4 chest skip and 3 battle token rewards every 24 hours- The redemptions are reset every day at 00:00 UTC
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