Idle inn Tycoon how remove the ads, reset progress
  • Idle inn Tycoon how remove the ads, reset progress

    How to change language?Enter the "Settings" tab and click on the language button to change the language.Currently, the game supported languages are EN, RU, DE, IT, FR, ES, PT-BR, PL, KO, JP.
    If your language is not on the list, then be sure that it'll probably be added in the future.

    How do I reset my progress?Currently, you can only manually delete your save files to reset the game progress.
    For Android: Tap and hold the game icon, go to “App Info” and press “Clear Storage”For iOS: Reinstall the app

    How can I remove the ads?In no case do we force you to view ads, it is voluntary to receive in-game rewards and bonuses.You will also be able to enjoy the game completely without watching ads.
    No Ads Cat Manager was created purpose for you to receive all the bonuses without watching ads (In-App Purchase)

    You can use hack Idle inn Tycoon cheat codes

    Where can I get code?The codes are provided by the developers to users. Promo code can contain some in-app purchases like gems, managers, starter packs, etc.For now, there are a few ways for you to get a code:- Join our social media channels and participate in activities- Join our discord channel and get rewards for your chat activity

    Do managers and upgrades permanent?All the managers you buy are permanent for regular inns and event locations.
    Gem upgrades are permanent for regular inns but aren't for event locations. Even if you prestige your gem upgrades will still remain for the regular inns. The further you go (beer of time level) the more gem upgrades you unlock.

    Idle inn Tycoon Why can I not zoom out in the Sweet Bite Inn?

    The zoom-out function in Sweet Bite Inn was disabled because it caused performance issues on a variety of devices.We will continue to work towards poverty the problem without affecting zoom out feature in future updates.Sorry for the inconvenience caused!

    How to open the treasure chest with the timer that sometimes appears in my inn?Those premium chests appear for a certain time (let's say 30 minutes) and you only have this allotted time to open them for gems.
    To open a chest, you need to click on it until the timer runs out and click on the "Open" button to get its rewards.
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