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    I saw visitors being angry. Why? Visitors could become angry if they are not getting service for a while. This can be caused by a long registration queue or any other service queues. To fix it, hire more staff and/or upgrade service rooms items.

    My rooms are not full! What do I do?
    First of all, rooms can only be occupied if they are clean. If you are lacking cleaners, cleaning speed will decrease and some of the rooms may not be ready for check-in time. When this happens, visitors won’t have an empty and clean room to stay in and will leave.
    Advertisement campaigns can also help by attracting additional visitors - turn them on when you have unoccupied rooms and turn them off when the Inn is completely booked.

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    How do I transfer money to a new Inn?
    You don’t. Each Inn is separated by several weeks on a horse and is scattered around the big world.
    Your role as a manager is to help each Inn to become profitable and become the best Inn in the region by operating Inn’s budget. But there are new ways to spend gold in your completed Inns coming soon!

    What are Landmarks and why should I build them?
    Landmarksare magnificent constructions that will make your Inn even more attractive to tourists!
    You can spend excess currency from completed Inns to build Landmarks that will unlock new mini-features that will grant bonuses in all of your inns. For example, the Statue of Liberty will grant you a free daily chest containing pet cards. Want to know what others will unlock? Explore!

    Idle inn Tycoon What are pet chests and why would I be interested?

    It gives you pet cards!Pet cards will unlock and upgrade pets that will grant you bonuses in your inn. Also, these cute fluffies will start roaming around your taverns! You can get new pets from chests in the shop or daily rewards.
    If you receive duplicate cards they are demolished into piastres which you could exchange into cards you currently need.
    If you have any more questions contact our support!
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