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    What are the new supervisors role?Each service in the Event or Regular Inn got its own supervisor that provides additional bonuses to the particular service. For example Gordon Beef can be put only for restaurants, Strange Doc for Bars etc.
    Supervisor can only be assigned to one Inn at a time (e.g. if a Supervisor is assigned to service in Inn #1, he can’t be assigned to the current Event Inn, and he is shown as BUSY in UI).When Event is over, Supervisor automatically unassigned from the event inn and is not marked as BUSY in UI.
    Play more events to get more supervisors :)

    Upgrades are costing way more than the normally do thisIf you've already prestige (beer of time) then first of all you need to make sure that the "Max" button is turned off.If you're a newbie and think that your upgrades cost way too much than they normally should please feel free to contact our support via the in-app chat or email us.

    You can use hack Idle inn Tycoon cheat codes

    What is the new merge? Merge is a one-day weekly event with balance changes and new features like inventory and shop.

    How to claim my rewards from the event? The Event rewards can only be claimed at the end of the event.

    Does the double away profit ad also double fish caught or chocolate sold in the events? Nope, a double profit ad doesn't double fish caught or chocolate sold in the events since it doubles only your COIN profit.

    Does the Mr. Punch and Dr. Kek managers double my fish, beer, or chocolate profit? The Mr. Punch and Dr. Kek managers doesn't affect on your event's profit or milestone goals.
    There are particular managers for particular events that gives you some advantages (ex: AQUAHUMAN, GRILL BEARZ, FISHPOOL for Fishing Event).

    I can't find the gold from Lucky Wheel in my inventory bag! The gold from Lucky Wheel automatically applies to the inn you're currently staying in.

    Idle inn Tycoon I can't pass the event, any recommendations?

    Our recommendations are pretty simple:Get more cards, level them up, it will get easier with more permanent boosts from cardsGet the event managers to help youUse double profit from watching adsPlay more events to get more supervisors cards, they might help a lotAs for the update strategy you can use the "I" button and simply follow the quests, or try using our Discord member Biba guides:
    King's ale upgrade priority listbar chairs (not tables) and dancefloor, 2 bartendersparking, the gate and the signfirst three beer storage items, one brewertry and get enough coins for export, then upgrade thatupgrade beer production alongside exporteverything elseFishing event upgrade priority list:start a bit with restaurant, but move onto the bar asapparking, the gate and fishguards (you don't need to fully upgrade parking since it's super expensive)upgrade rookie fishing until you earn enough for brave fishingbread storage and 1 or 2 bakersupgrade brave until you have enough for expert fishingeverything elseYou may need to upgrade magic capacity as necessary                                                                                                            Why do I need bread in a Fishing Event location? Bread is used by your fishermen-visitors to catch fish. Since in order to receive all the awards, you need to complete the milestone with a certain amount of fish caught, bread is a very important part of the location, which is worth paying attention to :)

    Why does the kitchen in my inn close before the rest of the service? Each inn has its own opening hours for all services. To view the opening hours of the service you are interested in, click on it, and in the "Service" tab you will see all the information you might need, including working hours (ex: "Closes at 09:00 PM" or "Opens at 9:00 AM")
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