Epic fantasy goddess equipment
  • Epic fantasy goddess equipment

    Goddess equipment has C, UC, R, SR, and SSR tiers, and each tier is divided into 1 to 4 stars. Goddess equipment buff effects are divided into holding effects and equipping effects. Holding effect - this effect is applied when you have Goddess equipment. Equipping effect: this effect only applies when Goddess equipment is equipped.

    Upgrade stones are required to level up Goddess equipment, and the holding effect increases when leveling up. The same equipment is required to upgrade the goddess equipment, and the equipping effect increased when upgrading it. You can obtain a summon ticket as a reward every time you summon Goddess equipment a certain number of times.

    Equipment guide: Equipment are divided into tier C, UC, R, SR, and SSRm and the maximum upgrade level is limited depending on the tier. The main option is a stat that increases each time the Equipment is upgraded, and the type of stats of the main option is limited depending on the equipment equipped position.

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    There are two main options for magic equipment. The type of stats for the second main option is fixed according to the item, and the stats fo not increase even if the equipment is upgraded. The sub option is a stat is unlocked according to the upgrade stage, and is unlocked one at each stage of +1, 3, 5, and 7. Equipment sub option stat types are limited, and up to two stats of the same type are applied at same time.

    Rune guide: rune's main option stat types are fixed according to the items (ex. the 'attack rune' item has attack power as the amin option's stats, and the 'magic rune' item has magic power). All sub-options of the rune are unlocked from the start. Rune sub-options stat types are limited, and up to two stats of the same type are applied at same time. Runes that can be crafted are divided into 4 levels depending on the progress of the adventure.

    Epic fantasy tower of challenge/ tower of hell guide

    Tower of hell has a maximum of 3 wave battles. A gold key or crystal os consumed as a challenge cost, and if defeated, the challenge cost is returned again. Every tower has a reward for each floor and a final reward that can be obtained for winning battles on all floors. All the rewards obtained from the tower are rewards that are paid only once, and you cannot obtain the rewards of the tower have already been cleared. Tower of Hell is limited to allowing only heroes of certain property to deploy.

    Scrolls and skill guide:
    You can select 1 Goddess' Blessing from the statue of the Goddess. The received Goddess' Blessing is maintained while you are proceeding the rift. If you reset rift, all the progress will be initialized and you have to challenge from the scratch. The hero's HP, death status, and Goddess' Blessing are all reset. Once the reward has been acquired, it cannot be acquired again even if you try again after reset. A dead hero cannot be used until the rift is reset. At the end of the battle, the hero's HP is maintained in the next battle of that rift. In some battles, only heroes of certain tiers, certain properties, and certain classes can be participated.
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