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  • Grand summoners crossover countdown! Shield hero's crystal quest

    Countdown the days until the Crossover event with the shield hero's crystal quest! Gear up for the return of the shield hero crossover event with a special crystal quest starring Naofumi Iwatani! Roll dice and move him across the board to obtain shield hero crossover summon ticket, crystals, and lots more!

    - get one dice automatically every day you log in!
    - get another dice every day you spend 100 energy!
    - dice remain in stock for the entire period. Roll them all on the last day if you want!
    - advance the number of spaces shown on the dice and get the prize featured where you stop!
    - get a bonus for every lap you complete! The spaces that move you forwards and even backwards can also help you win big!
    - pass red spaces to increase the prize amount by 1! Land on them to reap the rewards.

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    Two hearts, one Will event information:
    the God Daki and the Demon the middle of a raging war, the two meet on a battlefield. They struggle with fate but cannot escape it. Weapons are held high as they try to steady their wavering hearts, but then...
    Excahnge "spirit's flower" for exclusive equipment. Collect "spirit's flower" in the event to exchange for varios items - including exclusive equipment. Enhance limited event equipment with exclusive enhancement materials. Try multiplayer battle! The EX quest can be played in multiplayer! Food boost and luck bonus will make it easier to clear quests by playing with your friends!

    Main story event: tap event button on the home screen to go to the event page! Travel records will drop from all main story quests. Collect and exchange them for exclusive equips. Play selected quests in multiplayer during the event. The following features are only available during the event period:
    - chapter 13 EX quests with higher drop rates for exclusive event equips.
    - event items from all main story quests, exchangeable for equips and more
    - five free continues per day for main story quests (solo only)
    - rank EXP *2 for main story quests.

    Grand summoners new 14th Areas have been added

    to the inferno, aqua, and forest ruins.

    Beat each ruin and get the corresponding type advantage equip! Beat the inferno ruin - get a water equip Atlante's fangs - 8000% water DMG (If the user is a water unit), increases equipment DMG to fire enemy by 100% for 10s. Beat the Aqua ruin - get an Earth equip Glorious Decline - 5000% earth damage. 100$ chance of poisoning water enemy. Reduces Earth resistance by 30% if the enemy is poisoned with this equip for 20s. Beat the forest ruin - get a fire equip flame Maiden's Satchel - if the user is a fire unit increases fire unit's critical rate by 100% to earth enemy for 10s and increase fire unit's arts gauge by 30.
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