Grand summoners crest, month pass
  • Grand summoners what is a crest?

    Equip crests to power-up units! Crests give unit special powers, such as boosting units' stats or resistance. Get crests by questing in the crest palace! When you clear the battle a random chest will drop! Play the crest palace from rank 20. After winning the battle, the party leader will have the option to equip the new crest. Equip the crest to give its effects to a unit.

    If a unit has equipped a crest already, choose whether to replace it with the new chest. If you keep your current crest, the new crest will be converted into crest fragments. Important: choosing the new crest overwrites your current crest and will disappear. You can also equip crests by using 10 crest fragments you gathered in battle. Create higher level crest fragments by combining lower level crest fragments.

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    What is grand crystal pass? Grand crystal pass is a service which you can receive various of items and get EXP bonuses for 30 days.

    Items / bonuses included in grand crystal pass:
    1. You will receive crystal paid x50, 5 stars hero summon ticket x1 at the time of purchasing the grand crystal pass.
    2. You will receive the following premium login bonus items when you login for 30 days: crystal free, L potion, lucky apple, kilmon God, Defmon god, Tufmon god.
    3. You will receive double your player EXP, unit EXP and gran from quests.

    L potion - a rare item that restores 100% of your energy.
    Lucky apple - a rare item you use for quests to double your item drops.
    Kilmon God - a rare enhancement unit that significantly raises your unit's ATK!
    Defmon God - raises your unit's DEF!
    Tutmon God - raises your unit's HP!

    Grand summoners important details

    The grand crystal pass will expire 30 days from the purchase date. To continu receiving the grand crystal pass rewards beyond 30 days, you will need to purchase the grand crystal pass again. Premium login bonus items can only obtained by logging in. You will not be able to receive items for days you haven't loggen in. Premium login bonus items will arrive in your gift box. However, the 50x crystal paid and 5 stars hero summon ticket will be obtained when purchased.
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