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  • Grand summoners about the mines.

    From here, you can access the magical mines event while it is open. Your current depth. Deeper levels have more quartz but tougher enemies as well. When Arcana's evaluation reaches 100, you can continu to the next floor. At the bottom you can see the amount of quartz collected. Collect enough to earn rewards. Prepare your party for the miners.

    Your evaluation changes according to how well you perform in battle. The next level will become available when it reaches 100. You will also obtain rewards depending on how much quartz you gathered. Deeper levels bring more quartz and tougher enemies.

    You can try a partice battle against any boss you encounter. This does not cost energy, and food brought along will not be consumed. These will be no rewards and no changes in evaluation or depth, regardless of outcome. You can also choose to fight without a support unit.

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    Rare bosses: sometimes, extremely powerful rare bosses will appear. Defeating them will give more quartz than regular bosses. You can also choose to avoid them and fight a different Boss. This will not affect your evaluation.

    Support unit: your 4th party member is borrowed from another player. You can also earn rewards when your unit is chosen. Receive them from the history button at the upper right corner of the mines home screen.

    Pure quartz - trade for items of your choice at the exchange. They will not expire when the event ends. These are rare drops from the mines which can be swapped for special items.

    Grand summoners changing depth

    After reaching B11F, you an return to any completed depth. When you do, the Boss will change and your evaluation will be reset to 50. You will also have to wait 30 minutes before changing depth again. If the bosses become too strong, try using a lure Wave.

    Lure waves will call a previously defeated Boss for 10 minutes. While active, neither evaluation nor depth will change. The effect will instantly end if you change depth manually. Using a lure wave for a different boss will cancel the effect of the currently active one. You cannot use a Boss' lure wave outside of its habitat range.

    You can spend three lure waves to make one for a different Boss you have already defeated. However, lure waves for regular bosses cannot be used to create rare boss lure waves and vice versa.

    You will obtain an extra reward whenever you defeat a boss at a lower depth than you current record. The reward depends on the depth.
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