Touhou Lostword party
  • Touhou Lostword party.

    You can create a party with your units (friends) to take to battle. You can save up to 5 parties at a time.

    Guest party: sometimes, guests will join your party during stages in the main story. When this happens, you cannot use a previous created party, but you can change the formation of the guest party before the battle. You can assign units to employ spaces in the guest party.
    Total power: this is the total power of the units you assigned to your party. It gives a rough idead of the total strength of the party. The higher the number, the stronger the party.
    Spirit point cost: every unit assigned to the party has a cost. The cost of the party is the sum of the costs of all the units in the party. If your party includes guests, the total cost also includes the costs of the guests. When you start a stage that includes a battle, the cost will be taken from your spirit points. If you do not have enough spirit points, you will not be able to play the stage.

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    Change party: tap the arrows on the sides of the screen or flick the screen to the left or the right to change the party. If you prepare different parties in advance, you can choose the best team for each battle.

    Front and rear guard: your party is divided into two rows: the front guard and the rear guard. The front guard are the units that are initially deployed, while the rear guard waits in reserve. During battle, you can swap front and rear guard units by selecting switch. You can look at your units' info and change their equipped story cards from here.

    Touhou Lostword story cards

    List of story cards: here you can check a list of the story cards you possess.
    Part ways: if you have too many story cards, you can clear up space by using part ways. If you use part ways on a story card, you can receive items such as tokens and flower tiles. A story card that you part ways with disappear and cannot be restored.
    Details: here you can check your story cards' descriptions and passives.
    Enhance: enhance your story card by using flower tiles and coins.
    Limit break: limit break story cards using duplicate story cards and coins! Use limit break on story cards to increase their max level. It will also unlock a new description. At max limit break, the story card's passive will be powered up.
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