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    Sort: you can choose the order you want to display the units in. Part way: when you have too many units, you can use part ways to clear out some space. When you part ways with a unit, you will get items such as tokens. A unit that you part ways with will disappear and cannot be restored. Level - this displays your unit's levels. Type - here you can check your unit's types. Types represent different battles styles. Items required for upgrades also depending on a unit's type. Defense (DEF) - this type specializes in high defense and tends to protect the party. SUpport - this type specializes in supporting the party by making the other units stronger. Heal - specializes in healing the party by stabilizing the other units.

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    ATK - is characterized by high firepower and tends to deal a lot of damage. Debuff - specializes in obstructing the enemy and tends to create chances for the party to attack. Technical - specializes in using specific attacks. It shows its true power when the conditions are favorable. Speed - specializes in high speed and accuracy and tends to be stable even when obstructed. Destroy - specializes in turning the tablets in one blow. It shows its true power when the conditions are favorable.

    Power - this stat represents your party's power. Star - the number of stars represents the awakening level of your unit. Rank - this represent the upgrade level of your unit. Friendship level - this represents the level of trust between you and your units. Units with a high friendship level have special effects. Morale - this represents the unit's morale.

    Touhou Lostword upgrade, limit break, awaken

    Use the required upgrade items to power up your units. Setting upgrade items for 1 category will raise the stat for that category, but you must set upgrade items for all 6 categories before you can power up the same stat again. After setting all 6 upgrade items, you can upgrade your unit. Upgrade your units to increase their rank. When a unit;s rank increases, they can learn new skills and passives.

    Limite break: use duplicate units for limit break! A limit break increases your unit's stats and max level. It also unlock a new spell card for use in battle.

    Awaken: by using tokens, you can increase the number of stars your unit has. All units start at 1 star, but that can be increased by 5 stars.

    Story cards: you can equip story cards to your spell cards. A spell card equipped with a story card gain the effects of the story card's passives.

    Costumes - you can change a unit's appearance by changing costumes.

    Lock - you can tap the lock icon to keep your units safe. Locked units cannot be selected for part ways or limit break.
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