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  • Touhou Lostword prayer & shop.

    By performing a prayer, you can collect new story cards and units. You can perform a prayer by using either seal crystals and coins or God crystals. Sometimes there will be special prayers that are only available for a limited time. Prayer points - when you perform a limited time prayer, you will get prayer points (prayer P). You can use prayer points to exchange for a unit included in the limited time lineup.

    Rituals are special prayers where you can obtain guaranteed units and cards. The units and story cards you can obtain depend on the type of ritual. Prayer description - here you can check the prayer description. Drop rate - here you can check the prayer's drop rates for units and story cards.

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    Shop: other - expand your unit and story card slots with god crystals. Packs - you can purchase packs containing various items. You can also use God crystals to obtain items. You can purchase costumes for your units with God crystals. If the items you purchased are not reflected in the game, you can press the restore purchases button to reflect your purchases in the game.

    Shrine office: you can exchange coins, tokens, the points you collect from events for various rewards. You can refresh the list of rewards by using God crystals or pass. You can periodically collect spirit points from the shrine or offering box. Increase the level of your shrine and offering box to collect more spirit points. Send your units to school to periodically receive EXP and restore units' morale. Use books to power up your unit's skills.

    Touhou Lostword costumes

    Send your units on Errands to receive EXP and useful rewards. Sometimes limited Errands will be available too. Tasks - here you can check your tasks and get rewards for completing them. Friends - here you can check your unit's details. You can also change their voices and see their dialogue. Story cards - here you can check your story card's details. Story - here you can enjoy stories you have played previously. Items - here you can check the items you posses (e.g., flower tiles, books, seal crystals).

    Mail - here you can redeem received rewards and check messages from the development team. After purchasing a costume through the shop or acquiring one through other means, you can change the costume your unit is wearing by pressing the button in the shape of a T-shirt in the top left of the friend details screen.

    Costume bonuses: during events, some selected costumes gives bonuses. You do not need to change your units into these costumes to receive the bonuses. Merely possessing the costume is enough. For more details, check the news post on the event.
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