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    If we die inside the dungeon, we will not be able to take any rewards found in treasure with us. Retreat early to keep these treasures. This is the market, where we cna buy abilities and job materials to become stronger. We can purchase things like job materials and new potential chapters here.

    Job menu - this is the place where we can equip default jobs and also craft new jobs. Craft - here is where we can create new jobs by combining old jobs and job material. First, we must pick our default job. Then, we go to our material selection. Pick the material that we just bought. Now combine them. Congrats! We just got ourselves a new job! Newly unlocked jobs will appear in the dungeon randomly. Also, please note that only Jobless can be used in combinations an unlimited number of time. All other jobs will be consume when combined.

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    Dungeon jobs: you cn use the job setter after unlocking a certain amount of jobs with the same star. This will stop other jobs from spawning in the dungeon. Include all jobs. If no job preset, is selected, all jobs currently unlocked will have a chance of appearing. Save and load job sets - you can save the job presets that you like and load them later.

    I believe that you've probably noticed that this number here changes when you use abilities. This is actually your combo counter. When we use abilities with the same stat type continuously, extra bonuses will be given to us. You can click on this for more details. At the top - this is how the enemy will behave if we end our turn. Values like damage and heal will also be shown here. For enemies, AP means action play instead of action points, which are the number of actions that they will execute. Be careful! Enemy behavior might change if their HP reaches certain thresholds. Now, end our turn, and see how this guy actually behaves.

    Jobmania manage abilities & gacha

    Equip ability: abilities can be only be equipped and used for one dungeon run. Extract ability: abilities can also be used to extract into hero essence to be used for upgrading or unlocking new heroes.

    The gacha is the only way for you to get powerful heroes. However, the chances are fairly random. You may also receive job materials and abilities instead. Remember, saving enough for 10 draws will get you a better deal!

    The game is confusing? Don't hesitate to click on the ? button for help, they are everywhere. You can also press and hold onto some icons for their detailed description. Swapping to the right job before ending your turn can be key to survival. Check your enemy's actions frequently! Their actions may change if their HP reaches a certain threshold, they might uses an ultimate technique that will kill you instantly.Whe the hero abilities are available, you can swipe up to use it.

    Click on the combo counter in the battle scene for combo guides. Mastering combo mechanics is essential to climbing higher floors. Pay attention to the monster color frames - especially those with gold auras. Yes, they will smack u real hard if you are not prepared. You can set a starting ability at any merchant for a small fee. SOme ability types cannot be found in the dungeon until they are unlocked.

    Jobmania tips and hints

    - Your HP cannot decrease below 1 from abilities that cost HP.
    - Any treasure found during a run is lost if you die. Be greedy or safe - it's your choice!
    - Using attacks of the correct element against status affected enemies will deal massive damage.
    - By saving a checkpoint on specific floor, you can start your next run on that floor.
    - There are three types of unknown encounters. Green is positive, purple is negative, and red can be either.
    - defeated at least 5 distinct monsters from your last run, you can temporary unlock special gacha, which gives you a chance to get the monsters you defeated as heroes.
    - the hero will level up on every 10th floor up to the level cap. Jobs will automatically level up until lvl 100, but only after finishing a chapter.
    - you can complete some missions then reroll the rest.
    - you can upgrade 5star jobs with Jobmania crystal after reaching 500F. By embedding 5 crystals onto a job, the job switch ability will never cost more than 1.
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