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  • Idle skilling main skillers, battling monsters wiki.

    Every complete cycle gives H2o points and a chance for EXP in one of the three main skills. The numbers below a skiller show you three things:
    - how many H20 points given per cycle.
    - the amount and type of EXP given
    - the number of cycles completed per minute you currently get EXP 20% of the time.
    There are four different skilling zones. THe first one has skillers for each skill type. The other three specialize in a single skill type. Value upgrades increase skill EXP given speed upgrades make the skiller work faster. You get 50% progress on inactive screens.

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    Battling monsters:
    Killing monsters gives you cash. Cash is used to upgrade almost everything. Attack increases hit chance. Strength multiplies your damage. Endurance increases your HP. Kill enough monsters to progress to the next one. Get far enough to reach a keymaster monster getting fast them will unlock new areas. You can unlock attack moves and buffs in the skilltree. Cast them by clicking and toggle with the circular arrows or use keyboard numbers 1 2 3 4 5 and toggle with q. The vault is a great money maker. It unlocks every 60 minutes. Press the button in the top right shows combat stats.

    Idle skilling skill tree

    Spend your skill points on various perks drag the screen up and down to navigate, There are 10 perks for each skill tree type the first two unlock new areas. Buy them asap, use the buttons in the bottom left to see each skill tree type. Press on a perk to select it. Press on it again to upgrade it. The cost is displayed undernearth the perk. Your skillpoints are in the bottom right. Level up your combat and resource skills to get more. Perks tell you what bonuses they give at their current level. Perks can be upgraded to level 5. You can raise this limit later in the game.

    Idle skilling mining, smithing, fishing

    Mining gets you ores used in smithing. You can buy up to 6 miners. Click on a miner to upgrade his stats. Click on a rock to change its type.

    Smithing uses ores and fish to craft upgrades. Drag an item from the right onto an anvil. Upgrading it will cost one forge use. Forge uses come back no matter what screen you're on.

    Fishing gets you fish used in smithing. Fishing power increases fishing speed and fish caught. New small fish are unlocked every 6 levels. New mediul fish are unlocked every 8 levels.
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