Idle skilling tutorial
  • Idle skilling portals, limbo skillers wiki.

    Portals are unlocked after killing keymaster Y.
    Top portal: the ascention portal gives you permanent bonuses but you must reset your game to buy the, Resetting erases your stat levels and cash but you get to keep all your ores and fish.

    Right portal: this is the raids portal. Click on a pickture to select that raid boss. Click on a big ticket to select difficulty. CLick theatre in the top right to fight. Raid bosses give awards based on your damage dealt awards are spent in the gift shop. Gift shop bonuses are not reset when ascending.

    Left portal: a shortcut back to any secret areas you've found. You have found 0 of the 3 secret areas. You will have to think hard to find them.

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    Limbo skillers:
    spiriting: gets you souls for summoning. Cultists affect soul fragment gain. Acolytes affect the chance to get a soul. Every time you get enough fragments. Numbers above souls show chance and amount given.
    Summoning: spend souls to buy and upgrade rifts. Each rift has its own level and bonus. These bonuses are multiplicative and are very powerful.
    Contracts: complete them for merits to spend in shops. Contract do not reset so you can only earn Merits one time, so think before you buy things. Coloured keys are used to unlock ascention perks. Discord link has info about what each lock has. You get to keep 20% of your souls when ascending.

    Idle skilling cards

    Every monster and raid boss drops its own card. They are autocollected 50% of the time. Upgrading cards:
    use star cards to upgrade all your monster cards. Star cards will drop in place of monster cards if you already own that monster card.

    Star cards are usually gray rarity but have a small chance to be a higher rarity. You can only get 25 star cards per zone per day. Star cards have a 33% chance to be auto collected.

    Card bonuses: most card bonuses are multiplicative. For example +% damage bonuses apply to every thing that gives you damage which means cards can be very powerful. Raid bosses can drop cards from fighting them. They are not exclusive to packs.

    Idle skilling crusades, tinkering.

    Active fighting rewards are decreased when efficiency goes down. It refills every day. However it wont stop you from fighting. Assign your crusaders to fight bosses offline. The higher level the crusade is the more rewards you will get.

    Tinkering - get materials from crusaders. Higher tier equipment will also require you to make lots of lower tier equipment. Items show you costs as well as the bonuses you get for equipping. You can increase these bonuses with boosters.
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