Tales Noir fairytale party
  • Tales Noir bandit's loot & fairytale party wiki.

    Promotion pass players have 2 extra bandit's loot draws every day. Premium pass players have 2 extra bandit's loot draws every day. The extra draws from promotion pass and premium pass can be stacked. After the monthly pass expires, there are no more extra draws. Accumulated rewards reset once every week. Please claim the rewards in time. Each draw might trigger a crit to reward more silver.
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    Fairytale party contains partners of all qualities. Spend bound diamonds to buy Echo conches for draw x1 or draw x10. View all partner's detailed info via partner park. When you obtain a partner you already have they will be converted into partner shards. Partners shards are used to star up partners.
    After raising a partner to max stars, the same partners or partner shard you obtain afterwards will be converted into star soul is used in memory shop to buy items.

    Tales Noir fairy

    Evelyn: is a mentor to the pixies and takes great pleasure in helping other. The only reward she needs is the happy smiles on people's face.
    Susan's achievements in plant research are unparalleled. She's best known for the cultivation of magic beens though crossbreeding peas. The magic vine in the Capital of Oz is also said to be cultivated by Susan.
    Barbara: after waking up from her dream, Barbara realized everything has changed. She can't find her master, and the evil dark magic worshippers are gone. She doesn't know where she can go.

    Tales Noir skill points rules.

    Skill points (SP) are consumed to upgrade skills to make them more effective.
    Starting from Character level 17 every one level up rewards 1 SP.
    You may also use Potential fruit to obtain SP.
    After promotion, you may change promotion path at the class mentor in the Oz capital.
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