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    What is Arena?
    1. You can challenge other players for in the Arena.
    2. After the Free daily challenge chances used, you may use Arena Tickets to challenge others.
    3. Each win grants you rewards and Ladder points. The higher your rank is , the more abundant rewards are. Each defeat decreases your ladder points and you cannot get rewards.
    4. Daily Rewards are given at the end of the day based on Ladder Rank. Not participating means no Daily Rewards.
    5. Weekly Rewards will be given at the end of the week based on Ladder Rank, and the Ladder Rank will reset. Not participating means no Weekly Rewards.
    6. Rewards will be sent via in-game mail upon settlement. Rewards are split into Ranks and Trophies. When players can get both, they get better Rank Rewards and don't get Trophy Rewards. If players cannot get Rank Rewards, they can only claim Trophy Rewards.

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    What is Misty Ruins?
    Misty Ruins opens periodically for players to explore.

    1. In this mode, players will take all their heroes and start on the first level of the ruins. The goal is to travel as deep as possible into the ruins.

    2. On every level, tile events can be triggered by clearing the mist on a tile. The mist on adjacent tiles (up, down, left and right) become dispellable after clearing the current tile, or defeating the guard of the current tile.

    3. Each level has a boss that must be defeated to obtain the key to the next level. There are 9 levels total, and a mystery key will drop after stages 3, 6 and 9. It will open a cave that contains valuable treasures!

    4. There are 3 difficulties: normal, hard and expert. Clear one to unlock the next, but only one difficulty may be chosen during each event period!"

    Call of Antia What is Treacherous Seas?

    Treacherous Seas is a periodical PvP event, where you can transport supplies or to plunder other players' ships.

    1. In this mode, players will sail the seas either as a merchant⚓ transporting supplies or a pirate that plunders ships.

    2. Before sailing as a merchant, players must set a defense team to protect⚔️ the special supplies from being plundered. The more difficult a route is, the more teams need to be set.

    3. Players may transport supplies up to {0} times per day. Special supplies will be lost if ships are plundered (basic supplies cannot be plundered), but plundered ships are no longer discoverable.

    4. Players may plunder up to {1} times per day, and may scout different routes before plundering. Each hero may only be deployed once during a plunder. Players will get the special supplies being transported in a successful plunder.
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