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    What is Sky Road?
    1. The event Sky Road is held for dragoneers from the same continent to compete together.  
    2. The opening time of the event is decided by the server time. Each Continent consists of 10 servers. After the last server of each continent opens for a month, the event will open.  ( Note: if there is already a Sky Road event when the event is set to open, the event of different servers will open together at the beginning of the Continent's next season. Dragoneers can see the preview of the event in Arena of Heroes two weeks before the event.)
    3. Depending on the settled time of the Arena of Heroes, only dragoneers whose average amount of Arena Trophies reach a certain number in the last 4 weeks are able to participate.  
    4. Rules:  - Depending on the settled time of the Arena of Heroes, only dragoneers whose average Arena Trophies have reached a certain total amount in the last 4 weeks can participate (For the first round of gameplay, dragoneers have to collect 1500 Arena Trophies in the previous week to participate).- When the event begins, dragoneers can challenge the 30 teams on 10 islands and get points, which decide their rank and corresponding rewards."

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    How can I obtain Artifacts?
    3-star and 4-star Artifacts can be obtained through forging in the Artifact Smelter. And some events also grant Artifacts as rewards sometimes.
    5-star Artifacts can only be obtained through events currently.
    You can find the Artifact Smelter through Altar of Valor - Artifact - Smelter. The forging of Artifact requires Divine Bloods, which can be obtained through the Tournament of Valor event.

    How can I level up an Artifact?
    You can ascend your Artifact by using Artifact Crystal of the same rarity. The Artifact Crystal can be obtained through events or by obtaining a duplicated Artifact, which will be converted to an Artifact Crystal of the same rarity.

    Call of Antia How can I find the Traveling Merchant?

    The Traveling Merchant has a chance to show up when you clear stages. The merchant will not stay in the Market or Shop, but you can find him on the bottom right corner of Campaign page and any Chapter page.

    When can I receive my Ranking Rush rewards on a new server?Your Ranking Rush rewards will be issued to your mail when the event ends.

    How does the grouping work in Tournament of Valor?In the Tournament of Valor event, your average level of the top 5 heroes decides your Tier, and your Tier decides your grouping.

    Why am I not in any group in the Tournament of Valor event?
    The registration phase ends 30 minutes before the event starts, players who meet the requirement after the registration phase will not be grouped. They can still challenge the boss but with no ranking.

    Call of Antia Why did my Gem Pass expire before this month ends?

    The validation periods of Gem Pass and Deluxe Gem Pass are 30 days. No matter how many days a month has, the Gem Pass expires after 30 days.

    What's the requirement for accessing the Cosmos Corridor?
    You can enter the Cosmos Corridor by tapping the icon on the lower right corner of the Campaign page, which contains Easy and Hard modes.
    1. Clear Campaign stage 20-10 to unlock Easy mode
    2. Clear Campaign stage 28-10 to unlock Hard mode

    How do I obtain Corridor Keys?
    You can obtain Corridor Keys in the Honor Shop by using Honor Tokens.

    Why is the Ranking Rewards of Chamber of Spirits not available on my server?
    Only Continents that open within the first 14 days of a Tower of Spirits season have a leaderboard. Players in Continents without the leaderboard will not be ranked or receive ranking rewards.
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