Call of Antia 5-Star Heroes
  • Call of Antia 5-Star Heroes & summon wiki.

    5-Star Heroes are too rare, I can't get them at all!
    5-star Heroes are rare and powerful by design. But please note other heroes have their unique skills and characteristics.

    • You can get ⭐5-star heroes in the Hero Shop. Generally it costs 4300 Hero coins
    • Task rewards, shops and some events give out Epic Summon Tokens
    • Every Epic Summon has a chance for a 4-star or 5-star Hero.

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    Does a Summon x 10 provide a better chance of receiving 4-star or 5-star heroes?
    ⚖️Please note that the probability of receiving an Epic or Legendary Hero is the same for every single Summon and Summon x10.

    However, if you summon in the Epic Summon, the chance of acquiring Epic heroes will be increased. It is not guaranteed that you'll receive an Epic or Legendary Hero from a Summon x10, but on the other hand, you may also get lucky and receive just the Hero you were after!

    Please also note that you can check the Guaranteed situation in the Epic Summon: It states the guaranteed 5-Star hero will arrive within the next xx summons.

    Call of Antia Hero Balancing

    Hero Balancing In any games, no matter it is a PC or mobile game, it's sometimes necessary to make changes to heroes to keep the balance of the game.
    Please note that when adding a new hero to the game, our goal is to create a unique and desirable new hero, but never to make them invincible. We want to make sure the overall balance of the game stays stable, and players have a use for every hero at some levels, events or quests.
    You can always find the updates in our official social media site.
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