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    How can I create my own Alliance and find players to join my Alliance?
    “How can I create my own Alliance?”

    ️If joining an existing Alliance doesn't interest you, you can always create your own Alliance. Creating your own one allows you to customize the avatar, name, description and language of the Alliance.

    To create an Alliance, first, make sure you are not already a member of an Alliance, then just tap the Alliance icon on your screen. Choose the ""Create"" tab and start customizing! Please note, it requires 500 Gems to create an Alliance, so consider your decision carefully.

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    Once your Alliance has been created, you can change the description, badge, etc. by using the Settings tab on your Alliance page but keep in mind, all Alliance names and descriptions must comply with our Chat Rules & Guidelines and Terms of Service.

    “How can I find players to join my Alliance?”

    If you have created your own Alliance, the best way to find players is to be active in the chat channels. This includes Discord, in-game chat and other social media.

    It is important to remember our Chat Rules & Guidelines and not to ""Spam"" any chat channel or social media.

    Call of Antia Our Alliance leader is inactive.

    When the alliance leader is offline for over 3 days, the leader transfer process will be triggered.
    1. If the alliance has co-leaders, the leader position will be automatically transferred to the co-leader with the most activeness points.2. If multiple co-leaders have the same activeness points, the leader position will be transfered to the co-leader with the highest power (based on the power leaderboard).3. If the alliance has no co-leader, the leader position will be transfered to the regular member with the highest power out of all those who meet the required weekly activeness points.

    What is the season of alliance war? What rewards can I get from alliance war?
    The rewards of alliance war differ by alliance tiers. You can check the alliance war rules for more details.

    Possible alliance war rewards include:
    -Forge Stones
    -Honor Tokens
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