Last Cloudia Ark Skills
  • Last Cloudia Ark Skills.

    You can view information about the Ark in the Library. Episode - Read the Ark's story through here. To do so, you must level up the Ark. Once the Ark's level is past that point, that part of the story is unlocked. There is a reward for unlocking this part.

    Some Arks have special skills known as Ark Skills. Ark Skill are special skills that the equipping unit can use just once per battle. These can be controlled in the same way as magic. (They will be shown in the list of spells and can be chosen there.) Ark Skill Lv can be raised by using the Ark Extension function to add Skill EXP. As the Lv rises, the skill will become more effective. Ark Skills can't be used in the Arena.

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    Extension is a system that allows you to strengthen Arks. When you obtain duplicates of an Ark, you'll get extension points for the same Ark. (The Prayer Stardust item can be used on an Ark of your choice to increase these.)

    Extension points can be consumed to strengthen the Ark status of your choice, as well as increase the AP rate of unlocked Ark Skills. If the Ark has an Ark Skill, Ark Skill EXP can be added to increase the skill Lv. Once points are assigned, they can't be reassigned.
    Extension limits and specific enhancement amounts vary by Ark. An Ark's rarity determines how much the AP rate is boosted with each addition of extension points.

    Last Cloudia The Ark Extension menu.

    When the AP rate is boosted, it's not possible to gain any more AP than the AP Gained values. This includes increases from when the Ark Ether reaches 100%.
    (When reaching 100% Ether causes the AP Gained number to be reached, the AP rate can't be boosted in the Extend menu.) The Ark Extension menu will only include an option to boost Ark Skills on Arks that have Ark Skills. An Ark's rarity determines how much EXP is required to reach each Ark Skill Lv.

    It costs Souls to begin a quest with an Ark equipped. The number and type (red or blue) of Souls required varies depending on the Ark equipped. As the Ark grows in level, the Soul cost increases accordingly. Each Ark has its own Ark Attribute. This attribute is made active once the Ark is equipped. Ark Attributes are boosted as the Ark's level grows.

    Spend Souls to boost your Ark's level. The higher the level, the larger the stat bonuses and the stronger the Ark Attributes. Certain Spells and Passives only come with certain Arks. The number and type (Red or Blue) of Souls required varies depending on the level and Ark equipped.

    Last Cloudia Ark Ether

    Ark Ether increases every time you obtain multiples of the same Ark. Once maxed out, it boosts the equipped Unit's stats as well as the amount of AP gained when completing quests. Arks offer certain items when the Ark Ether is at a certain level and unique weapons and armor when the Ark Ether is maxed out. You may gain additional Ark Ether when completing quests or by using Etherion.

    Complete a quest with an Ark equipped to gain AP (Ark Skill Points). Once you reach a certain amount of AP, the Unit will unlock Skills that can be mastered. Skills vary based on the Ark; the required AP varies based on the Skill. With one Ark equipped, a Unit can gain AP for multiple Skills at the same time. Some Skills cannot be learned until the Ark Level has reached a certain point. When the Ark has met certain conditions, a part of the Ark may glimmer. Tap [View] to zoom in on the Ark and then tap the glimmering part to get an Item. Enjoy the hidden secrets!
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