Last Cloudia Unit's consciousness
  • Last Cloudia Unit's consciousness.

    Unit Souls are tiny fragments of a Unit's consciousness. They serve as materials for Awakening and can also be used to unlock unit stories or boost SC. You can acquire Unit Souls by completing quests, or as a consolation prize in the Gacha, in the event that you pull a Unit you already have.

    Detailed information about a Unit can be found in the Library:
    ・ Episode - You can read Unit episodes in the Library. To do so, the Unit's level must be past a certain point. Once the Unit's level is past that point, that part of the story is unlocked. There is a reward for unlocking this part.
    ・ Profile - You can read the Unit's Profile in the Library. To do so, a certain Item is needed.
    ・ Voice - You can play a Unit's voice lines in the Library. To do so, a certain Item is needed. Some voice lines are unlocked by leveling up the Unit.

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    Shift is a term used to refer to two Units that share the same name but have different appearances.

    Units with different Shifts not only have different appearances and stories but also different stats, Skills, and Specials. Magic and Passive Skills learned through Arks will be shared, but the Magic and Passives must be set again. Switch between Shifts by tapping the icon displayed in the Unit details. Same Units of different Shifts share the same base Skill Cost value (i.e. up to 50 SC) and when one has their SC increased this also applies to the other. Exceeded limits of SC through either Ability Board unlocks or obtaining duplicate Units will correspond to the Shift Unit's exceeded limit accordingly.

    It is not possible to have two Units that share the same name but are different Shifts in your party (this excludes Support Units). For example, White Knight Melza cannot be in the same party as Soul Reaper Melza unless one is a Support Unit.

    Last Cloudia arks.

    Arks are ancient relics that you can equip to your Units on the Party screen. Arks boost a Unit's base stats and may add special attributes unique to that Ark. By equipping one to a Unit, that Unit can learn Spells and Passives that they would normally not learn. In the Ark's Library, you can read Episodes about the Ark by leveling it up.

    It costs Souls to begin a quest with an Ark equipped. The number and type (red or blue) of Souls required varies depending on the Ark equipped. As the Ark grows in level, the Soul cost increases accordingly. Each Ark has its own Ark Attribute. This attribute is made active once the Ark is equipped. Ark Attributes are boosted as the Ark's level grows.

    Spend Souls to boost your Ark's level. The higher the level, the larger the stat bonuses and the stronger the Ark Attributes. Certain Spells and Passives only come with certain Arks. The number and type (Red or Blue) of Souls required varies depending on the level and Ark equipped.

    Last Cloudia Ark Ether

    Ark Ether increases every time you obtain multiples of the same Ark. Once maxed out, it boosts the equipped Unit's stats as well as the amount of AP gained when completing quests. Arks offer certain items when the Ark Ether is at a certain level and unique weapons and armor when the Ark Ether is maxed out. You may gain additional Ark Ether when completing quests or by using Etherion.

    Complete a quest with an Ark equipped to gain AP (Ark Skill Points). Once you reach a certain amount of AP, the Unit will unlock Skills that can be mastered. Skills vary based on the Ark; the required AP varies based on the Skill. With one Ark equipped, a Unit can gain AP for multiple Skills at the same time. Some Skills cannot be learned until the Ark Level has reached a certain point. When the Ark has met certain conditions, a part of the Ark may glimmer. Tap [View] to zoom in on the Ark and then tap the glimmering part to get an Item. Enjoy the hidden secrets!
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