• OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC equipment.

    Each piece of equipment has a level requirement. Travelers must be that level or above in order to equip it. Change equipment: party> change equipment. Purchasing equipmentL you can use stocked materials and leaves to purchase equipment at the smithy. Selling specific materials at the smithy will unlock new equipment. Some equipment is only available in certain towns. Some equipment can only be used by certain characters and jobs. You cannot purchase accessories at the smithy.

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    Weapons: weapons will mainly increase phys. attack nad Elem . Atk. The weapons a traveler can use depends on their job, and only one can be equipped per traveler. You can obtain weapons at the smithy by using path actions and other methods.

    Armor: armor will mainly increase phys. def. and elem. def. Each traveler can equip one piece of headgear and body armor. You can obtain armor at the smithy by using path actions and other methods.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC accessories

    accessories will mainly increase attributes or grant status aliment resistances and unique effects. Each traveler can equip up to two accessories. You can obtain accessories by using path actions, completing hunts, opening treasure chests, and other methods.

    Enhancing weapons: weapons can be enhanced at some smithies using materials obtained via path actions, defeating elite enemies and more. Weapons that can be enhanced vary by smithy. Please not that the original weapon will be consumed as a material. Enhancing: talk to a smithy > enhanced arms > select a weapon to enhance.


    Grades indicates the quality of a weapon or piece of armor. It indicates potency up to a certain limit and is separate from a traveler's attributes. For weapons, this is in regards to damage dealt. For armor, this is in regards to damage taken. To check a weapons's grade: talk to a smithy > select weapon or armor >Select a weapon/ armor dispalyed on the right. Go to menu > items > weapon or armor > select a weapon / armor displayed on the right.

    Each grade has a grade rank and grade gauge. Grade rank - the higher the rank, the stronger a piece of equipment is. Grade gauge - this is an indicator of strength for equipment within the same grade rank. A grade's potency is calculated by a weapon's grade for weapons; and the sum of headgear and bidy armor for armor. A grade's potency will not be exhibited during some memoir battles.
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