Valuables: valuables are special items that you obtain in certain situations, like completing quests. Class level items: class level items are needed to raise a traveler's class. These can mainly be obtained on hunts. Select learn skills and choose a locked class board to raise that traveler's class level. Materials are needed to craft weapons and armor at the smithy. These can mainly be obtained via battle and using path actions. If you bring in materials and speak to the blacksmith, they will automatically buy and stock them for you.

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    Consumables: are items that must be used to activate their effects. Experience nuts - these nuts grant experience to travelers and can mainly be obtained via quests and path actions. How to use experience nuts? Party > status > select the + to the right of the traveler's level >EXP.
    Boost berries: these berries are guaranteed to boost a traveler's level. You can purchase them by going to shop > special shop. The number of levels a traveler gains depends on the berry's type.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC guidestones

    These special stones are necessary to limit break travelers and raise their level caps. Thee are character-specific guidestones as well as universal bronze, silver, and gold guidestones. You can obtain these when getting a character you already have in your band via guide, completing hunts and other methods. How to use guidestones: party> status> select limit break on the bottom right. The type of universal guidestone a character can use depends on their class. To see how many guidestone shards you have go to menu > exchange > guidestone shards. You will also need guidestones when awakening characters.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC rubies & leaves

    Rubies are a useful currency that can be used to obtain travelers, purchase hunt order forms, continue battles, and more. You can buy rubies, earn them via feats, and other methods.

    Leaves - are coin currency used throughout Orsterra. You will need them to do all sorts of things, such as purchasing equipment at the smithy and performing certain path actions. You can obtain leaves via battle, selling materials at the smithy and other means.
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