• OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC Fortune boxes.

    Fortune boxes contain all sorts of items. You can view and open fortune boxes in your possession by going to menu > items > fortune boxes. You will receive a random item based on a specific rate every time you open a bos. Tap on obtainable items to see what items you might get. You may be to open multiple boxes at one time depending on the type of fortune box you have.

    You can use hack OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC cheat codes

    Battle commands: commands are the actions a traveler can take on their turn. You can select attack from the battle skills menu. Set battle skills: party > change skills > select a character. Targets: after selecting a command, choose an ally or enemy to be your target.
    Boosting uses BP to enhance the strength of your commands up to three levels. Boost the attack command to increase the number of time it hits or boost battle skills to augment their effects or potency. Swipe right on your chosen command to activate it.


    BP: each traveler will gain 1 point of BP on the turn following a boost.
    Breaking: a broken enemy will be unable to take action until the ened of their next turn. Broken enemies are also weaken, allowing your attacks to deal mode damage. To break an enemy, you must exploit their weakness and reduce their shield points to zero.
    Weaknesses: exploiting an enemy's weakness allows you yo deal more damage and reduce their shield points based on the number of attacks. Exposed weaknesses will be shown beneath an enemy's name. If you are able to exploit a known weakness, that weakness icon and the according command icons will turn blue.
    Shield points: are the number of weakness-exploiting attack necessary to break an enemy. Shield points differ by enemy and will decrease by 1 with every attack.
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