OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC status effects
  • OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC status effects.

    Status effects can change the attributes and statuses of both travelers and enemies. Effects triggered during battle will be shown as icons near the status of the one affected. Augmenting effect - these grant positive effects to the target during battle.Enfeebling - these inflict negative effects on the target during battle. Status aliments - these are enfeebling effects that inflict the target with specific changes. Special - these are special effects used only by specific enemies. They can affect you even outside of battle. Since status effects related to battle attributes only affect the attribute, the effect will differ depending on the formula.

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    The likelihood of inflicting a status aliment depends on the target's resistances. The amount of damage dealt by poison and bleeding is not affected by damage up/down skills. Effects that activate when characters are attacked: if there are multiple effects that activate when a character is attacked and all activation conditions are fulfilled at the same time, only one of the effects will activate. The effect granted last will be given priority.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC status effect limits

    Limits based on character: traveler - augmenting effect: 30%; enfeebling effects: 50%. Enemy - augmenting effect: 50%; enfeebling effects: 30%. However, the aforementioned limits are calculated separately for battle skills and support skills. Example: Physical attack up 30% (battle skill) + physical attack up 30% (support skill) = physical attack up 60%. SHared total limits: certain effects, like those that increase damage dealt or deal with resistances are treated as a group when calculated so their limit is shared. SOme special effects have their own limits.
    Exceptions: there is no upper limit for status effects that are triggered by status aliment resistances and traveler skills. Some effects such as those that reduce SP consumption and encounter rate will not stack. Only the effect with the greates effect will trigger.
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