• OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC path actions.

    You can use path actions on townspeople. begin by using inquire during a conversation, then perform other path actions depending on your influence to negotiate. Successful negotiations will earn you items and recruit allies to your cause. However, your influence rank will need to be at a certain level before you can use inquire. The color of a character's speech bubble shows what type of influence they have. For more details on influence rank go to influence in the helo section.

    You can use OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC hack

    Path action types: after using inquire, there are two types of path actions to choose from: obtain possessions and recruit allies. Negotiation methods vary depending on who you are taking to. Failling a negotiation will also cause your reputation in that town to suffer. Townsfolk with wealth influence: negotiate with leaves to purchase possessions and hire allies. A successful haggle with either of these actions will lower the price you pay. An unsuccessful haggle will result in a falled negotiation. Haggle's success rate changes depending on the townsperson's wealth influence rank.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC townsfork:

    With power influence: negotiate by battling to contend for possessions and impress potential allies into joining your band. Content and win the battle to obtain all your opponent's possessions at once. If you lose the battle or flee, however, you will forfeit negotiations.

    With fame influence: negotiate based on probability to entreat people for their possessions and invite them to join your band. Fall either of these and your negotiations will fall through. Entreat and invite's success rate changes depending on the townsperson's fame influence rank.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC reputation:

    Your repute in a given town will suffer if you are unsuccessful in your path actions. Fall 5 times and you will become unable to use path actions in that town. Your repute ill recover by 1 every day at 9:00, but you can also go to the tavern up to 5 times in a day and pay the bartender to restore your reputation by 1.
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