You can find all sorts of establishments in towns, such as smithies, inns, and tavers. You'll also be safe from encountering enemies in towns. Smithies: you can purchase weapons and armor at smithies. If you bring in materials and speak to the blacksmith, they will automatically buy and stock them for you. You will need both leaves and stocked materials to purchase equipment. Inns: you can use leaves to rest at an inn and fully recover your band's HP and SP. This will also allow you to use healing flames you have used before.

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    Taverns: you can repair your band's repute at taverns. When repeated failed path actions have sourced your relations with the townsfolk, you can pay the bartender to spread good rumors about you throughout town. Enhance your gear at the smithy and you'll be able to defeat evem the most fur-midable of foes. You can use rubies and sacred seals to guide and obtain travelers. How to guide: menu > guide. If you obtain a traveler already in your band, their guidestone will instead be added to your consumables. If it is a 4 stars traveler, you will also receive their awakening stone.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC consumable items:

    Consumables items received when obtaining a traveler already in your band. Guidestones are items used to limit break travelers. You can trade character specific guidestones for various guidestone shards at the exchange. For more details on guidestones go to the items> consumable items in the help selection. During promotional periods, you can get additional character - specific guidestones. Awakening stones are items used to awaken travelers.

    Sacred seals: can be used to carry out specific guides. The screen for a sacred seal's guide will not be shown if you do not have the seal. The guide displayed differs based on the type of sacred seal you have. You will be able to see some guide screens even if you do not have a sacred seal.


    Bonuses are given after doing certain guides a specified amount of times and differ based on the type of guide you do. Find yourself some new fur ends with the power of your ring!
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