Purchasing rubies: how to purchase - to purchase paid rubies go to menu > shops > buy rubies. Usage order: free rubies will be used first. Purchase restrictions: if you have over a certain amount of paid rubies, you will not be able to purchase more rubies. Transferring data - you will retain all of your rubies when transferring your data. Returns - due to the nature of digital products, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

    You can use OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC hack

    The exchange: you can trade items you get from guiding and on quests for other goods at the exchange. Exchanging - guidestone shards and other items can be exchanged for guidestones that can be used by all characters, accessories, and more. Some items are only available for a limited time or in limited quantities. Shards - you can use guidestones to obtain all sorts of guidestone shards. Some shards are only available for a certain amount of time. Once that deadline passes, the quantity will be reset.


    You can peruse various episodes you won't see in the main storyline in memoirs. Select memoirs to read them. This option will show after completing your first main story. You must fulfill certain requirements for each anecdote contained within the memoirs to appear and unlock. You can obtain various rewards after reading through the anecdotes. Some anecdotes have multiple unlock requirements that must all be met before you can read them. You can tap on requirements to view details on how to unlock anecdotes. You can view the event as many times as you like, but the amount of times you can collect rewards varies by anecdote. Some anecdotes have reading conditions.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC anecdote battles:

    Some anecdotes contain battles. Your paty will begin the battle with full HP and SP. When the battle ends, their HP and SP will be returned to normal. Depending on the event, you may have to fight successive battles. Depending on the battle, your HP and SP may be restored at the start of successive fights. The weaknesses of enemies you have fought before may not be displayed. Anecdote battles also have the following restrictions:
    - you cannot summon allies
    - you cannot continue after being defeated.
    - the grade potency for equipment will have no effect if null grade is displayed.
    - you can select back from battle options to end the fight and return to the memoirs menu, but your progress in the anecdote will not be saved.
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